It is not the destination that defines the journey, but the experiences and knowledge acquired along the way.

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Samantha Storch-Marcols

At age 13, a Reiki attunement session opened the floodgates of Samantha’s potential. In her early childhood, as a protection, she closed off aspects of herself and lost the awareness of their presence. Following the attunement, Samantha became a conduit to both the emotional and physical pain of others and over the course of many years she began to understand that she is an empath. Through the guidance of mentors along the way, she was able to hone and control her gifts surrounding healing and empathy. As an adult, she has learned to work with her abilities utilizing shielding and intention.

Now proficient in the language of empathy, Samantha uses her knowledge and experience, not only to heal others, but to help them cultivate their own individual gifts using a range of psychological and spiritual techniques.